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Spiritual teacher
Shanti Mai
                 Compassionately Changing Lives

                 with Tough Love,
               - and
60 yrs. of listening to
                   the "still, small voice" within.

                  ~ ~ ~

                   Life's Hard.  You'll need an antidote.

                    Fortunately for you,
                  I AM your "auntie dote"!

Most of Shanti Mai's work 
is done via

   Phone Session.  
 You can be anywhere.


Available in ASL -
      American Sign Language

 ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~    ~ ~ ~

Emotional Healing

Shanti Mai combines compassion with loving challenge. Years of training plus daunting life experiences honed Shanti's skills, forcing her to trust her intuition. 
She is an empath, which means that she feels her clients’ feelings – so emotional healing is natural for her. 

Emotional blocks can lead to illness, confusion, divorce, depression.

You can improve your health, your work and your relationships!     MORE

Intuitive Reading 

Shanti Mai's work
is focused on the present. She uses no external tools; in Silence, she hears (clairaudience) and knows (clairsentience).  Shanti Mai is also a gifted reader of energy - she can tell when something a client says is true or not.  If true, their words will resonate strongly, and will fall flat if they're not. It's that simple, and helps us to rapidly "cut to the chase"!  

She'll help you find your own intuition, the key to empowering yourself - for greater clarity, harmony, meaning and joy in your life .     MORE

Intuitive Counseling 
is an opportunity to find your deepest truth, to learn what truth feels like, to experience and confirm your own inner Knowing. Shanti teaches constructive methods to handle fear and how to make personal changes with self-compassion and deep honesty.   

Family Healing / Relationship Counseling
provides loving, non-judgmental clarity. Within the same session, Shanti Mai works with each partner or family member, separately. Then all share the realizations together. Shanti Mai gives suggestions for new agreements and practices honoring these discoveries.

Shanti feels compassion for all clients, and is able to begin with a “blank slate”, regardless of what she has heard from the initial partner. She will sense what the underlying issues are.    MORE

Spiritual Teacher   Shanti Mai teaches you to connect with your true nature.  She'll teach you the result of years of self-healing, study and life experience.

Everything is spiritual, including you!     MORE

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling  with Shanti Mai requires only a desire for truth and an interest in experiencing your unchanging nature – inner peace! 

Learn to identify suppressed emotions and to distinguish between intuitive guidance and ego.
Shanti Mai can help you find yourself
, then learn to teach and heal yourself.   

Energy Healing  will be part of any session if Shanti Mai feels so guided.  It will never take the place of emotional healing.   


      If you 're not willing to face your fears,
      no amount of energy healing will be long lasting;
      you will need to return to your healer, over and over. 

                                                                                                        My policy?
    To help you to become your OWN healer.


                                                      - Shanti Mai