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- Shanti Mai - 

Compassionately Changing Lives

 with Tough Love & Intuition



Approach to

Emotional Healing

Spiritual Teacher

Relationship Counselor

Intuitive Reader

Intuitive Guidance

 Wedding Officiant


While many practitioners are just now moving over 

to remote sessions, Shanti Mai has 

made her guidance available remotely for over 22 years. 

The terms ‘Intuitive Reading’ and ‘Psychic Reading’ often evoke images of fortune-telling, a generally passive experience for the client or customer. Accurate or not, such a reading doesn’t generally change the way you move through your life. It may be interesting, even flashy or scary, but not necessarily life-changing.

My work is not a passive experience at all. It unearths and nurtures your own Knowing, your own intuitive Wisdom, requiring you to face your part of your current situation. 

Our work together is very likely to change your life – just look at my many testimonials. They don’t talk about predictions; they talk about results.”

                                                                                                                                  - Shanti Mai


Shanti Mai begins by helping you to silence your mind,

becoming fully centered in the present moment.  

Focusing on  exactly where you are right now.

Shanti empowers her clients through teaching -

giving personalized tools for 

promoting self-awareness 

in the days to come.


Shanti's Apology!

Forgive me if I worked with you anytime between my first psychic fair in 1980 and last Fall (2023).  


That's right.  For those super-ready - in Fair "mode", it was a great fit.   However...


When I made sessions available without someone having to attend a Healing, Intuitive or Psychic Fair, usually out of town (or if, in your own city, rarely available) I had the paradigm of a reading at a Fair.  


In the 80s, long distance was crazy expensive, so I felt I should give my client everything I could possibly give them in the short time allotted to us.  I also had the complicit factor of being a Mystic, and basically, a Renunciant.  This did not help my blindness to the fact that I was inadvertently forcing some client(s) to go elsewhere to engage in ongoing work.  I kept handing them the whole book instead of breaking it down for them, chapter by chapter, or, even, page by page.  


The good news is that as of last Fall ('23). I am allowing my clients to choose their own "dosage".  :~]    duh.


What that means is that if your time or money - or both - is quite limited, do I ever know how to give you as much as possible in one hour!!  If that is the case, you can let me know that, and I'll proceed as I have for decades.  


AND - if you'd rather I work with you in smaller doses, I am HAPPY to slow it down for you, have seen that I can also walk you through it every step of the way.  It's your choice.  And I apologize, if, in the past decades YOU were one of the people who said "I'd like to work with you weekly for a month or two" and then I gave you so much to work on in your first hour, that I didn't see you for a month or more, though you always kept in touch!  It was all done in love and in generosity to you, but not to myself.  lol 


I love seeing my clients so much!!  I will no longer limit our access to each other.  I promise.  


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