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Testimonials (by State)

Delightful, amazing sessions ~ Understanding, wisdom, love and joy take root and bloom where once grew only weeds of confusion…"

-Ephemera Wilde, Bellingham, WA  


“A curious and powerful mix of serious help and lighthearted, brave love. Shanti’s laser love can cut you free!”

– Roger White, San Antonio, Texas 


I’m an attorney, skeptical of any sort of counseling or therapy, especially anything “metaphysical”. But Shanti Mai is different.

I gained more from one session with her than from a dozen sessions with a psychiatrist.

Shanti has the most amazing presence — radiant and yet grounded. During my session, she immediately saw through the elaborate defenses I’ve been living behind and lovingly challenged me to embrace my divine self. It was a relief – liberating! – to realize that I could not hide from her.

I feel a bit like a tuning fork: Shanti lovingly “struck” me, and I’m still vibrating to a note I had never heard in myself before.”

– Stephen P., Attorney, Sacramento, California


"Shanti Mai offers insights from a place of depth and wisdom, which somehow touches upon truths one already knows at the core of Being. Her facilitation is gentle and profound.

She is accurate and unflinching in her assessment of inner and outer pieces of the puzzle, sensitive in her perceptions and care of the person sitting with her, and somehow melds strength, wisdom and heart into a blend of support that is uncannily helpful.”

-Lucy Loscocco, Castro Valley, California"


“Shanti Mai’s clarity and honesty have helped me to break through some major impasses. I’ve done a lot of it on my own, with her expert and trusting guidance. It was hard to see the mess I’d created for myself, but in the long run, I am so very glad I did.”

– Tim Darden, Atlanta, Georgia


“Shanti Mai has the ability to connect with a person’s soul – through the heart – instantaneously. ”

– Michon D’Artell, Vashon Island, Washington 

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