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“Shanti Mai was inspirational and right on point. At times I was shocked by her intuition. She was able to see through the words I was using. She understand the real side of things.

It was my pleasure talking with her. I really enjoyed it, I felt like I could talk with her all night.

Shanti – Thank you for your time and concern, and your deep understanding of what reality really is.”

– Melonie Madzel, St. Augustine, Florida

“I was really impressed with Shanti, and believe me, I do NOT get impressed easily!

After 30+ years of asking ‘why’ and needing to know/understand to be able to feel (to be able to heal), she brought knowledge AND clarity AND understanding. Without me saying a word Shanti Mai figured out in less than 1/2 hour the ‘why’ I have been looking for all these years.”

Shanti – may you be blessed tri-fold. ”

– Luciane R., Tampa, Florida

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