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– Your life is not what you meant it to be

– You’ve got a serious decision to make

– You feel lost or confused

– You keep ending up in the same unpleasant situation...

Emotional blocks can lead to illness, frustration, confusion, self-sabotage, divorce, depression. 

Emotional healing is the first step to a life of freedom, peace, and clarity.

You may benefit from working with Shanti Mai 

Emotional Healing   

Emotional Healing with Shanti Mai combines compassion with loving challenge.

From an early age, life forced Shanti to trust her intuition, and as a highly analytical person, she remembers that process, and can share it with you. She is an also an empath, feeling her clients’ emotions as if they were her own – so emotional healing is natural for her.

Shanti Mai begins by helping you to silence your mind, becoming fully centered in the present moment. Her focus is on helping you to see exactly where you are right now.

Shanti empowers her clients through teaching, giving "homework" - tools personal to you - for promoting self-awareness in the days to come.

"Everything is Spiritual, including You! 

- And the term 'Spiritual Teacher' does not indicate any particular religion. It indicates spiritual awareness, and the ability to teach. From childhood I’ve had an inherent awareness of God, not reflected in those around me. I have also been conscious of every step I’ve made toward enlightenment, as well as every step I’ve made in the opposite direction! It is my happy dharma to teach what I know, and my joy to be a part of your profound experience of Self."

                                                                                                                                                -Shanti Mai

Shanti Mai teaches you to connect with your True Nature, your Higher Self, your Center... The words, the terms that you would choose are not important. The experience, however, is often life-changing. It is not uncommon for clients who have not yet tapped into this aspect of Being to experience it in their first session. 

Shanti will teach you what she has learned through her decades of self-healing, her intensive study, years of meditation, and her many challenging and diverse life experiences.

In many cases, Shanti Mai has literally “been there”.

Relationship Counseling (Joint sessions): 

Each person meets individually with Shanti, learning to see their own role in the disconnect, and finding their own bottom line.

Each participant meets privately for their own personal part of the joint session. Then both (or all, in the case of family, place of business, etc.) come together and share, under Shanti’s guidance, what each person needs in order to proceed in a healthier way.

Feeling from the other’s viewpoint helps us to drop our guard and see the situation with clarity and freshness. And learning to express our needs in a vulnerable and trusting way might be just the thing our partner/others need.

Often, one joint GPS (initial) Session can bring enough clarity to get you off to a fresh start, newly equipped with a depth of mutual understanding and personal tools. Sherpa Sessions (ongoing work) are great for couples, families, and others who desire expert guidance for surmounting the challenges of relationship.



"I would definitely recommend Shanti Mai's readings to anyone searching for clarity both in their endeavors, and in their view of themselves. "

My heart to yours,

-Tori Perry, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I was feeling really blocked, confused and overwhelmed. After my phone session with Shanti Mai, I was able to identify and de-compartmentalize what was driving these feelings, and am feeling much better. Thank you!”

– Wendy Zuckowsky, Ventnor, New Jersey



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