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“When I returned to Wisconsin, Kristine Gay, my counselor of three years, was very impressed with the results I had achieved in my one session with Shanti Mai, results which she found to be quite remarkable.

I was very confused when I went to see Shanti Mai. I was attracted to seeing her for help after reading the testimonials which were quite striking. Also I felt she had a similar background with which I could relate: experience with meditation and she seemed grounded to me. She was able in our 45 minute session to guide me through a direct experience of re-connecting to my self, my heart.

I was surprised how she quietly guided me, to quiet my mind, through a series of questions; As my mind became quiet, my energy dropped to my heart, where all the answers could be felt, in that innocent place, that had become sort of numb though the years. I had been feeling confused, trying to figure it all out, mentally…

Also offered was a technique of staying connected to my heart, with eyes open meditation so I could continue practicing in any interaction…. I found this to be so powerfully essential, because coming from source energy is where truth of intention can accomplish its goal, which is to be grounded and guided.

So, I highly recommend Shanti Mai to anyone who is in need of connecting to back their source, and promoting the growth of the soul. ”

– Robert Gimbel, Verona, Wisconsin

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