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“Shanti Mai was referred to me by a trusted friend and advisor at a time when I was doing some serious growth and soul searching. I had an hour phone session with her (and it flew by in what seemed like minutes).

The best way to describe my experience is this: I took a walk down my path of fear, knowing that I needed to face them in order to grow and get past them. I did that, but I did not go there alone. Shanti Mai was right there, holding my hand and guiding me – so that I could see them for what they were – limiting beliefs – that I had the power to let go of any time I was ready to. It was quite an emotional experience. She also taught me how to “go to that place” by myself and do the work alone, if I choose to.

She is a very gifted and special person and I am very glad that I had this experience with her. Thank you Shanti Mai."

– Lauren Westwater, McMurray, Pennsylvania

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