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“I found Shanti Mai’s work to be quite inspiring – am grateful for all the times she has helped me. I love Shanti Mai to pieces!”

– Aletha Nowitzky, Ashland, Oregon

“In my recent session with Shanti Mai (my fourth), I was reminded why I seek her help. Shanti combines her gift as a seer with great compassion and understanding that comes from her own depth of experience. Her sessions are like a conversation with a dear friend that knows you well and will listen with empathy, but will challenge you to release all your limiting patterns.

She showed me the many ways I was holding myself back, and helped me frame a new outlook that is currently producing profound results"

– Bill Walker, Ashland, Oregon

“Shanti Mai’s presence came through to me even in email form. When we spoke on the phone she helped me to see my pattern of dealing with my pain and with its companion, power. I knew from her voice that I was in a safe place to feel and didn’t need to go numb, but my old patterns of tuning out took over, anyway.

Shanti Mai was able to ground me back into my body and emotions and gave me a strategy for doing that for myself in the future. I can now see what growing awareness could be like and am less afraid of the power I’ve kept hidden under pain. She reminded me of what I already knew (and I needed to hear). She saw my biggest fear and still loved me.

It was an intensely connected experience to talk to her and feel her seeing into my consciousness and guiding it.”

Thanks again. Love,

- Lauren Cleff, Portland, Oregon

“Shanti Mai, thank you! Satsang was remarkable. Although I didn’t go up and sit with you, the experience touched me deeply. You said that whatever message one person was given applied to all of us. It did. Not just in a general way, but very specifically. The experience was profoundly healing. Many things have shifted for me, including the ability to write a children’s book I’ve long wanted to do. The compassion and love that you shared with us that evening continues to blossom in my heart.”

– Elizabeth King, Eugene, Oregon

“I felt like I already knew Shanti Mai. In a very short time she helped me get clarity about the dynamics of my relationship and provided me with insights that have helped me take steps to improve the situation.

I had been reading a lot of Indian Mysticism – Gangaji, Eli, and Nisagardatta Maharaj, so it seemed like our meeting was predestined. Shanti Mai’s love and compassion provide a safe environment for dealing with all of life’s challenges.”

– Paul Flashenberg, Eugene, Oregon

“I’m someone with a life-long interest in Metaphysics and eastern spiritual traditions who is nonetheless skeptical of many Healers and psychics, but it only took me a few minutes of working with Shanti Mai to determine that she was the genuine article.

With very little knowledge of my personal history, Shanti Mai was able to accurately assess my life situation, guiding me out of the maze of mental suffering, and teaching me some very simple techniques for reconnecting with my heart and my original, unblemished nature. I’m still reaping the benefits from my one session with her, and would strongly recommend that anyone going through life crisis or change, or looking for spiritual guidance, contact Shanti Mai; she’ll be able to help you in ways that no other counselor can.”

– Bill Bardo, Eugene, Oregon

“Shanti Mai is very compassionate and easy to talk to. I felt very comfortable with her during my phone session.

I received some very powerful insights that I will be contemplating in the days to come. I will highly recommend Shanti to my friends and family.”

– Brenda S., Corvallis, Oregon

“I have had sessions with traditional therapists and counselors, none of whom reached into the depth of my Being with such ease. With compassion, Shanti Mai brought into sharp focus the crux of my difficulties, presenting me with tools I could use on my own. Shanti Mai is an ever-encompassing and empathic soul who brings forth true and immediate healing, transferring the energy of her presence, and the power of her vision, to those who seek her out.”

– Bob Kennedy, Eugene, Oregon

“A dental client of mine, previously unable to relax enough to allow a needed root canal treatment, rescheduled and contacted Shanti Mai for help. Sedative and narcotic drugs are often used in such situations, but my client refused to take such drugs.

At the next attempt, Shanti Mai was immediately able to help our client connect with and resolve deep-seated fears that were affecting their ability to relax and cooperate.

“Shanti Mai’s ability to connect with a person’s innermost feelings is exceptional and can be a great asset in helping those who have difficulties facing relatively unpleasant medical or dental procedures.”

– Dr. Richard N. Smith, DDS, Smile Institute, Eugene, Oregon

“Shanti maintains such a loving and supportive energy it is easy for me to open up to my vulnerable issues. I am amazed at how quickly she tunes into my emotional state and my needs. She helps me see things about myself and my situation and to work though my feelings swiftly and easily. Shanti is my spiritual counselor of choice, even though we live over 400 miles apart. Unlike other counsellors, I call her when I need counseling and she gets back with me in a timely manner. ”

- Shawndeya Costello, Marcola, Oregon

“I will not forget Shanti Mai or her energy. I saw and felt that energy upon entering the church [for Satsang]. I still hear her words of insight, especially about looking at others as a reflection of self.”

- Linda Todd, Eugene, Oregon

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