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“Shanti Mai offers insights from a place of depth and wisdom, which somehow touches upon truths one already knows at the core of Being. Her facilitation is gentle and profound.

She is accurate and unflinching in her assessment of inner and outer pieces of the puzzle, sensitive in her perceptions and care of the person sitting with her, and somehow melds strength, wisdom and heart into a blend of support that is uncannily helpful.”

- Lucy Loscocco, Castro Valley, California

“….[Shanti] helps the self to hear the inner call to awake. She is enlightening, entertaining, and helpful in facing the fears which cause self-sabotage. She removes the monsters under the bed!

Shanti Mai should be a keynote speaker for any corporation who wants to motivate its team! ”

- Leah Taylor, Palos Verdes, California

“Shanti Mai will show you things about yourself and about your life that you think you can’t bear to see. And you’ll relieved, maybe even laughing, maybe even forgiving yourself. She’s a gift!”

– Karilee Barnes, Oakland, California

“I’m an attorney, skeptical of any sort of counseling or therapy, especially anything “metaphysical”. But Shanti Mai is different.

I gained more from one session with her than from a dozen sessions with a psychiatrist.

Shanti has the most amazing presence — radiant and yet grounded. During my session, she immediately saw through the elaborate defenses I’ve been living behind and lovingly challenged me to embrace my divine self. It was a relief – liberating! – to realize that I could not hide from her.

I feel a bit like a tuning fork: Shanti lovingly “struck” me, and I’m still vibrating to a note I had never heard in myself before.”

– Stephen P., Sacramento, California

“Shanti Mai walked into my place of business at the perfect time. I was in desperate need of clarity. She provided just that. We connected instantly. She showed me how to be honest with myself. Shanti Mai guided me through self introspection, helping me find my truth. She has a no fuss method that cuts through the superficial and allows you to do the work, no hiding.

I have worked with Shanti Mai now three times, each time needing to find peace with myself. I now use the tools she has given me in my daily life. I am thankful to have met her and grateful for her loving and caring approach.”

- Christina La Moglia (owner of The Park Salon in Glen Park) San Francisco, CA

“Thank you so much for meeting with us today.

“I will be eternally grateful for the gift you have given my [6 yr. old, gifted] son and I. I was not aware I was recreating old relationship patterns from my childhood, and that I was teaching him to close himself off from his heart. ‘Thank you’ does not begin to describe what I feel inside. You have helped me remember what is truly important and given us both the tools to strengthen our bond and truly live the life we have been given.

“We came home from our meeting with you and were able to use what you taught us to turn around a potentially negative moment into one of reflection and harmony. [My son] was able to take what you said and apply it to the situation at hand. Instead of building a wall and tuning me out, we were able to connect and feel what the other was feeling and try to understand where that frustration was coming from. He was able to open himself to the possibility that I could teach him something new. Once we both reminded ourselves to listen to our hearts, we saw exactly how each of us was affecting the other.

In the short time that we spoke with you, my heart has lightened, and I am now able to release the hurt of my childhood. I think I now have the tools to move on and face a bright future that I hope includes family healing on all levels, starting with me letting my mom back into my life after nearly 4 years of not speaking.

The universal truth you shared with us today has given me the clarity to let light and love back into my life and teach my child by example. I have a renewed hope for our future. We would be honored and blessed to continue to have some sort of connection with you.

I feel so strongly about your healing abilities and your genuine desire to help, that I have told the most important people in my life to seek you out and I will continue to sing your praises and spread the word about your love and generosity to all that I meet. Thank you for being so generous with the gifts you have been given.

Life is beautiful and so are YOU.

– Joy Dulay, Newark, CA

“Like Ammaji, loving and maternal, deep-spirited. But also strong and in-your-face. Shanti Mai turned me right-side out with clarity and compassion.”

- Martin Hansen, San Diego, California

“In the midst of darkness and misinformation it is hard to rise above the pain enough to see the Truth. Even a counselor and healer needs a voice from the outside, a bright light to lift one up and illuminate the way. Shanti Mai was just the bright light I needed at a key juncture on my path. She has the gift of compassionate insight and the wisdom that comes from hard-won experience.

She looks into your eyes with a love that touches your soul deep inside, reaches in and finds the knot that needs untying, and offers the precise support you need to untie it. Thanks for being there, Shanti Mai!

- Sheryl Karas, Santa Cruz, California

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