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British Columbia

“In my session, I felt truly supported and loved, guided back to my higher self, my own innate wisdom and strength activated.

Having studied Process work with Arny Mindell, I was aware of a similar approach of respecting and listening to and engaging all aspects of me that showed up and needed attention. Though Shanti Mai had no knowledge of Process work, I would say she has wonderful, loving ‘metaskills’.”

– Susan Cogan, Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

“I was greeted with a warm and loving presence. Shanti’s sincerity of heart to sit with me while I settled into myself was comforting. I felt safe to be honest with myself and free to express my needs, unafraid. She held my hand every step of the way, literally.

The discoveries I made in my session are still resonating today. Thank you for your kindness, Shanti.”

-Sal Sabella, Victoria, BC

“Everything has come into focus now. I wish I’d called Shanti Mai sooner, I could have saved myself a lot of frustration.”

– Jerry Richards, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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